ibProArcade (vBulletin)

Every owner of an online-community wants returning users and make users stay on their forum and come back frequently, beside articles and posts. The solution to this is ibProArcade.

We offer an add-on for your vBulletin-forum which provides your users a complete new experience in a forum: games!
Hunt for highscores, play tournaments and compete with other users, and get notified if somebody beats your highscore or it’s your move to play in a tournament.

ibProArcade was created 2004 on „Invision Power Board“ by Chris Kelly, and later ported to vBulletin together with MrZeropage (that’s me), while PremiumCode continued the development on this project. Since its release in 2005 this add-on reached a huge base of installations, today ibProArcade is the worldwide most-installed extension for vBulletin-forums with more than 10.000 installations and even mentioned in german Wikipedia.

ibProArcade PHP7

Releasing v2.7.5+ (end of 2018) is the 23rd update of this project, to make it compatible with PHP7 and keep it up-to-date even after 13 years being available.

Once unique special fact is that ibProArcade is compatible to all versions of vbulletin 3.x and 4.x with all the same codebase and delivered in multilanguage.

ibProArcade is offered for vBulletin 3.x/4.x and completely FREE.




As a licensed vBulletin-owner, you can download ibProArcade for vBulletin here:

To buy a branding-free license, check AdminCP->Arcade->Information in your vBulletin-installation.
After buying the license, send an email to ibproarcade [at] gmail [dot] com